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2021 Customer ONLY – Info Page

>> In order to ensure maximum fun with minimum stress, please read through this entire page and your printed ticket BEFORE leaving for the air show. Also, please REFRESH this Page Each Time You Read It for the Latest Updates & Insider ONLY Flying Schedule!<<<

Other Customer Questions

Will we be able to purchase souvenirs?
Yes. There will be multiple locations throughout the grounds to purchase souvenirs. 

Are golf umbrellas, OK?
Yes, Golf umbrellas are good. Beach and patio umbrellas are NOT permitted.

Can you bring chairs?
Yes, lawn chairs welcome. 

Can we bring alcoholic beverages?
No. But we will be selling it on site.

Is smoking allowed?
No. Not even in your car.

Will there be food vendors?
Yes. We will have food and drink vendors in 2021. 

Should I wear earplugs? (Provide hearing protection for children)
Yes, earplugs are highly recommended, especially for children. 

What time does flying end?
Approximately 4:00-4:30 PM

Last Update: Wednesday, August 25th at 09:42 AM CT.