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October 26-27, 2024

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Alien looking airplane “eats” two jets & a buggy-WOH 2022

Updated: Thursday, 10/27/2022

Unfortunately, the NASA “Super Guppy” will NOT attend Wings Over Houston 2022. We just received word that the aircraft has been assigned an urgent mission. We wish them the best!

Have you Met the “Super Guppy”?

Yes, an alien looking airplane that “eats” other airplanes. In this case two NASA T-38 Talons! We’re very proud to host NASA’s “Super Guppy” at the 2022 CAF Wings Over Houston Airshow. The aircraft’s original form was that of a KC-97 Stratofreighter and transformed through feats of engineering ingenuity into NASA’s “Super Guppy.” Check out the pics below!

T-38s being "eaten"

“Aside from the Super Guppy’s size – it measures more than 48 feet to the top of its tail and has a wingspan of more than 156 feet with a huge upper cargo bay – the aircraft features a hinged nose that opens 110 degrees. Once open, an aircraft cargo loader was used to load the two trainer aircraft. The Guppy’s 25-foot diameter cargo bay permitted the two T-38 aircraft to be moved with only the wingtips needing to be removed, said Johnson flight engineer David Elliott, the Guppy’s project manager.”

Chomp on T-38s

“After opening the nose section of the Guppy, hoisting the T-38s onto a specially designed pallet atop a mobile transporter, loading the pallet and T-38s onto the Guppy and then reclosing the Guppy’s nose section – about a 2.5-hour process – the Guppy departed for El Paso.”

Super Guppy

There’s Only One Place to See This Marvel of Engineering … at the Airshow!

Even better, come out to the show and talk to the men and women who work with this amazing machine.

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