CAF Wings Over Houston | Ellington Airport, Houston

October 26-27, 2024

US Navy Blue Angels

Pitching Decks WOHA 2022-FB

PItching decks: behold the unbelievable skill required to be a fighter pilot in the u.s. navy

Please note: the video below contains adult language and adult subject matter (viewer discretion is advised).

“What’s the most dangerous part of the mission for a Navy pilot? Flying over enemy forces? Dodging hostile jets? Well, when the enemy isn’t ready for the full might of the U.S. Navy and what the sea state is, the most dangerous part of the mission might be landing on the ship when it’s time to go home. That’s because the sea can move the ship’s deck 30 feet.”

Above is a fascinating and behind-the-scenes look at naval fighter pilots training to land on aircraft carriers in extreme conditions. Rough seas and high winds make landing on a moving target (AKA an aircraft carrier) even more difficult. It takes skill, precision and teamwork, something navy pilots pride themselves on.

“PBS had a documentary team out on the USS Nimitz when it hit rough seas in the Pacific and got to watch pilots, many of whom had experience flying missions over Iraq and Afghanistan, get nervous when they were sent out for some peaceful training.”

So when you look to the skies this October 29th and 30th at Ellington Airport, remember that the U.S. Navy Blue Angels pilots and their team have likely trained for this exact mission. The skill and precision executed daily by our U.S. Navy all around the globe is something to marvel at. We are extremely thankful for them here at the Wings Over Houston Airshow and cannot wait to give them a Texas sized thank you in October. Who’s ready to join us!?

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