CAF Wings Over Houston | Ellington Airport, Houston

October 26-27, 2024

US Navy Blue Angels

Top Gun: Maverick Trailer and Release Date 2022

top gun: maverick

There is no better way to get ready for October 29th & 30th than to watch this video! We are thrilled to have the U.S. Navy Blue Angels back at Ellington this year. The ties between the Blue Angels and this movie are obvious – same planes (F/A-18 Super Hornet), same rush of excitement (they actually might be the same exact airplanes, check the paragraph below the video). We have waited years for this! So without further ado, check out the latest Top Gun: Maverick trailer and make sure you see the movie when it comes out May 27th. We feel the need… the need for speed! Do you!?

And remember, what you watch here and on the screen will come to life at Wings Over Houston this year. The U.S. Navy Blue Angels are back and in their F/A-18 Super Hornets for the first time ever at Ellington Airport!

Possible Super Cool Tie-in

There is a possible super cool tie-in between the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and Top Gun: Maverick. Sneak peek: we believe that the Super Hornets that you see in Top Gun: Maverick are actually now flying with the Blue Angels. We are researching and will let you know what we come up with in a future email.

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