CAF Wings Over Houston | Ellington Airport, Houston

October 26-27, 2024

US Navy Blue Angels

Wings Over Houston “Drive-In” 2020 Customer Page

Last Update: Sunday, 10/11/2020 at 14:55 CT
(Updated the Schedule to v1.3 – Please make sure you REFRESH!)

2020 “Drive-In” Customer ONLY – Info Page

>> In order to ensure maximum fun with minimum stress, please read through this entire page and your printed ticket BEFORE leaving for the air show. Also, please REFRESH this Page Each Time You Read It for the Latest Updates & Insider ONLY Flying Schedule!<<<

Thank you to all those who filled out the pre-airshow survey. Below is our attempt to consolidate 992 survey responses into a reasonably comprehensive Customer Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers).

>>>Friday Ticket Holders ONLY: Please remember (if you did NOT transfer your ticket to Saturday) you can scan in to Sunday’s show with your printed Friday ticket. <<<

2020 WOHA SUNDAY Schedule – V1.3 (OFFICIAL)

Note: This schedule is subject to change without notice!

  • 10:30 Opening Ceremonies & National Anthem
  • 10:45 US Air Force A-10 “Warthog” Demo
  • 11:04 US Coast Guard Search & Rescue (SAR Helo) Demo
  • 11:15 Jacquie B Airshows – EXTRA 300
  • 11:50 Debby Rihn-Harvey – Championship Aerobatics
  • 12:02 Tora Tora Tora!
  • 12:32 World War II – Arsenal of Democracy – Victory Passes, Warbird Acro!
  • 13:00 Phillips 66 Aerostars
  • 13:19 US Air Force C-17 Globemaster III Demo (Heavy!)
  • 13:35 RE/MAX Skydiving Team
  • 13:43 Soviet MiG-15 Demo
  • 13:55 Jason Newburg – Pitts S2S – Extreme Aerobatics!
  • 14:05 Shockwave vs. Jason Newburg Race (Jet Truck vs. Airplane!)
  • 14:15 US Air Force F-16 “Viper” Demo
  • 14:40 US Air Force Heritage Flight
  • 14:55 US Air Force F-35A Demo
  • 15:00 US Air Force F-22A Raptor Demo!!! (Yes, thanks to a Big A+ for effort!)

Note: This schedule is subject to change without notice!


Biggest difference between VIP and GA Tickets?
VIP tickets get you the closest parking areas to all the aviation action (show line). The first four rows are dedicated to VIP ticket holders. So, even if VIP ticket holders arrive later, you’re guaranteed parking within the first four rows (VIP ONLY).

Why are 2020 “Drive-In” tickets so expensive? (The Other “Elephant in the Room!”)

In order to get all the event permits we had to reduce our event capacity by over 75%. If, we didn’t reduce the airshow capacity and comply with all the safety restrictions, there would be no 2020 airshow.

The above said, we sincerely appreciate all our customers supporting the 2020! We’re doing everything we can to give you, your family, and friends a great (and safe) airshow, given the circumstances.

Please know, any profit from the airshow goes toward youth aviation scholarships, our 2021 Special Show for Special Needs, and to help keep CAF’s historic warbirds flying … all thanks to your support!

Before You Leave for the Airshow:

– Refresh this page and check the updates above!!!
– Please PRINT and Review all the safety items on your ticket
– Be sure to check that all the windows in your car can be opened and closed.
– Check the fluids in your car (gas, oil, and coolant – especially if you want to run your AC.)
– Remember that everyone in your car needs to arrive to the airshow entry gates with MASKS ON.
– Once you arrive, please follow all the entry instructions, be ready for a touch-less temperature screening and keep your mask on.
– Make sure to bring sunscreen, food, and drink.


Can I park my automobile backwards? (This issue came up often on Saturday)
Please follow the parking attendant’s direction to ensure minimum traffic. You can turn your car around (backward), after arriving in your parking area and the parking attendant has moved on to the next automobile or two.

Are there dedicated VIP and GA Entrances and Exits?
Yes. There are dedicated entrances for each ticket type.

If you’d like specific instructions to the GA & VIP ticket entrances, please use the addresses below or click on the respective ticket type entrance (either GA or VIP).

IMPORTANT: To minimize entrance times, we request you use the corresponding entrance for the ticket(s) you purchased. Thank you!

Again, please have your ticket PRINTED and ready to display, before arriving at the airshow.

General Admission Entrance

Lone Star Flight Museum
11551 Aerospace Ave
Houston, Texas 77034

VIP Entrance

NASA Entry Gate
276 Brantly Ave
Houston, TX 77034

What is the earliest time to arrive?

We recommend trying to arrive at your entry gate as close to 8 AM as possible. Gates will open 8 AM. If you want to minimize the wait to enter, we recommend arriving at 8:15 AM.

If you arrive too early (before 7:45) it could potentially increase entry times for everyone. Yes, car parking is much like the science of fluid dynamics. If too many cars show up at the same time, and the flow rate is reduced a.k.a traffic.

Bottom line: please show up as close to 8 AM, as possible.

Are there parking accommodations for the disabled?
If you need to be closer to disabled accessible porta-pottie, please make your request to a parking volunteer.

Can I arrive later?
Yes. The later you arrive, the further back your call will be parked. Please try to arrive before 12 PM (noon) at the latest.

VIP ticket holders (ONLY), are GUARANTEED a prime parking area, regardless of when you arrive. Please note: The earlier VIP ticket holders get to the airshow, the closer you will be parked to the airshow action.

Can I arrive after 1 PM?
Unfortunately, no. To accommodate traffic flow, all entry lanes are converted to exit only lanes.

Can I run my automobile when in my parking area?
Yes. (Please check your coolant and make sure you have enough gas, before leaving if you want to run your AC). We do not encourage running your vehicle all day. We understand needing to cool off from the heat periodically, but please be minful of your neighbors and the effects of car fumes.

Can I leave earlier?
Yes, you can leave at any time. But due to entry lanes being reverse (for minimum exit traffic), you cannot return to the airshow, if you leave.

In the parking areas (row of cars) the front car will tailgate on the driver’s side. The rear vehicle will tailgate on the passenger’s side. This is required to adhere with social distancing requirements in the air show permit.

Can I park my automobile sideways?
To minimize entry and exit traffic flow, sideways parking is not permitted and it’s safety issue.

How far back is the furthest parking spot?
The furthest parking spot is 600 feet from the show line (General Admission Parking). All VIP parking is within 200 feet of the show line (the closest anyone can get to the airshow).

How do I leave early?
Please clean up your parking area, get your party in your vehicle, and make your way towards the nearest exit. There will be signs with arrows pointing toward your exit.

How long is it going to take to exit the airshow?
Approximately 45 minutes or LESS. Because of the 75% reduction in capacity we’re aiming for less.

If you want to help facilitate minimizing any exit delays, please be ready to leave with all passengers in your car and your car running. We ask everyone to clean up their parking area, before leaving.

Can I stay in my parking area after the flying is done?

Yes. We just ask you to be packed up and ready to leave before 3:30 PM.

What time do air show grounds close?
4 PM each day of the airshow. Once again, please be in your car and ready to leave before 3:30 PM.

What if my vehicle is longer than 19 feet?
We can accommodate a few more inches than 19 feet. But no more than 6 people and no RVs, Buse, Limos, or trucks longer than 19 feet and a few inches.

To ensure everyone get a great view of the airshow, there is a limit of 8 feet high for all vehicles.

Do I have to stay in my parking area the whole time?
With the exception of going to porta-potties or an emergency, please stay in your parking area. This restriction is a requirement for our event permit.

Are we parking in the grass or on pavement?
All parking and porta-potties (including the walk to porta-potties) are on pavement. Please make sure you wear comfortable footwear. And always wear your mask outside of your parking area.

Can I pick my own parking spot?
Unfortunately, with hundreds of cars this is not practical and would create severe traffic issues. Sorry, we cannot reserve any parking areas.

Other Customer Questions

Will we be able to purchase souvenirs?
Yes. There will be golf carts selling hats and t-shirts. The golf cart vendor will have full PPE.

Are golf umbrellas, OK?
Yes, Golf umbrellas are good. Beach and patio umbrellas are NOT permitted.

Can you bring chairs?
Yes, lawn chairs welcome. Portable picnic tables welcome.

Can we bring alcoholic beverages?
Yes. In aluminum and plastic cans. No glass is allowed!

Is smoking allowed?
No. Not even in your car.

Will there be food vendors?
Not this year. No food will be sold on-site. Due to health restrictions, a permit could not be issued for drink or food. Please remember you can bring a cooler(s) with food and drink, including alcoholic beverages in plastic or aluminum containers. Food must be prepared before arriving at the show. No grills, bbq, or heating devices are permitted.

Should I wear earplugs? (Provide hearing protection for children)
Yes, earplugs are highly recommended, especially for children. The F-35 Demo is unbelievably “loud & proud!”

What time does flying end?
Approximately 2:30-3:00 PM (Subject to change)

Last Update: Sunday, October 11th at 12:04 PM CT.