CAF Wings Over Houston | Ellington Airport, Houston

October 26-27, 2024

US Navy Blue Angels

“What’s That Funny Look on Your Face?”

That’s nine and a half times the force of Earth’s gravity! In the video below, Emma handled the ‘g’s like an absolute champ!

What Emma is experiencing is rapid ‘g’-onset. Managing rapid g-onset is something that aerobatic pilots, especially fighter pilots, train for. The video below illustrates the jaw-dropping impact of gravity on the human body.

Check out this cool, one minute long, video where a woman goes quickly to 9.5’g’s. Enjoy! 

If you’d like to take a deeper dive into the impacts of gravity on the human body, check out this previous Insider feature: Hall of Fame UFC fighter gets Brutally “Knocked Out” in Seconds!

Remember, there will be plenty of “g-Force” at this year’s Airshow, October 14th and 15th! The only view worth capturing is within the gates of the Airshow, in front of all of the spine-tingling action.

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